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With the second World War looming and having lost everything before, Maria reiche flees Germany and ends up in Peru. there, she tries to fit in an inhibited society for the sake of her lover Amy. But she only starts to find her true calling in life when she takes a trip to the desert of Nazca and stumbles upon mysterious Lines, drawn in the soil. Against all odds, against everyone, Maria ties her destiny to the Nazca lines, and takes on the mission to find their meaning. A journey that will throw her into tremendous trouble and danger - but also give her a sense of peace, at last, as she finally finds where she belongs, sweeping the desert.

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GENRE | Biopic

DIRECTOR | Damien Dorsaz

CAST | Devrim Lingnau (The Empress)

Guillaume Gallienne (The French Dispatch, Yves Saint Laurent, Me, Myself and Mum)

WRITERSDamien Dorsaz, Fadette Drouard

PRODUCERS | Octopolis, 27 Films, P.S. Productions

COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN | France, Germany, Switzerland, Peru


SHOOTING | Q2 2023

DELIVERY | Q2 2024

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