PULSAR CONTENT is an international sales and co-production company promoting a variety of singular films.

With a limited number of titles per year, we dedicate our full attention and expertise to all of them, enhancing festival exposure and developing a strong focus on innovative marketing, to facilitate the work of distributors. 

As part of the Logical Pictures family, we are creating a « home for talent », and bringing solutions to each step of the creation and distribution processes.



The Logical Pictures Group designs and implements tailor-made financial, artistic and technological solutions in entertainment to foster talent.

The Logical Pictures Group has made its mark in the content industry (films and TV series), thanks to specialized and autonomous sister companies: feature film financing and production (Logical Pictures), international sales (Pulsar Content), advertising (Loveboat) and software tools (Cascade8).



Logical Pictures is a feature film production and investment company. In just a few years, it made its mark as a major player of the European content industry.  Alongside seasoned producers and film industry experts, the founding team of Logical Pictures is composed of entrepreneurs and private equity funds professionals who bring investment expertise to the content industry. About € 8 million were invested between 2017 and 2020, with more than 24 movies produced or in production, and a track record renowned in the industry (award-winning films at Toronto International Film Festival 2017 and 2018, Sundance 2019, and Cannes 2020). 

cascade 8

Cascade8 develops a new technological ecosystem for the entertainment industry, aiming at solving bottlenecks at each step of the value chain.


21 Content Ventures is a financial coproducer in international films and TV series.

With no predetermined end-date, its structure allows an investment strategy built on a  long-term perspective (thanks to the catalog), while ensuring short-term returns. 

21 Content Ventures targets a corridor between 4 and 6% yield from year 4 and onwards, capitalizing in the long run on the library value of the cumulated portfolio. 


Loveboat is a creative content production company exploring advertising, entertainment, and fiction. We produce independent projects and commercial content worldwide in collaboration with a diverse cooperative of directors and interdisciplinary artists. Loveboat is based in Paris and Los Angeles.