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THE OPERA! (2024)

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This is the modern version of the famous
Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.
In this version, Eurydice dies from a gun fire on her wedding day. Orpheus, being devastated by the loss of his beloved, will pursue a quest to Hades’ kingdom, more known as “hell”, embodied by the Grand Hades Hotel.

In the search for his lover, Orpheus will
encounter a lot of iconic characters and will have to face his deepest fears, in a distorted reality rhythmed by the most famous opera’ songs.
This is the tale of all tales, the tale of a timeless love story meeting the most famous Opera’s songs.

STATUT | In Pre Production

GENRE | Musical

DIRECTOR | Davide Livermore & Paolo Gep Cucco (World premiere of La Scala 4 times in a row)

CAST l Mariam Battistelli (Opera Soprano singer)
Valentino Buzza (Opera Tenor singer)
Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Hatred, Astérix and Obelix,

Mesrine, Jason Bourne)
Caterina Murino (Casino Royal, Maestro, Voice From the Stone)

RAI Cinema


LANGUAGE | English

SHOOTING | Q2 2023

DELIVERY | Q2 2024

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