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MI BESTIA (2024)

MI BESTIA main communication still 4 credit photo Juan David Páez & Daniel Castaño.tif

Bogotá 1996. The city is frightened by rumours of the arrival of the Devil. Mila, 13, feels that she herself is changing.

STATUT | Completed

GENRE | Drama | Fantasy

DIRECTOR | Camila Beltrán

WRITERS | Camila Beltrán

Silvina Schnicer

CAST l Stella Martínez, Mallerly Murillo,

Hector Sánchez, Marcela Mar

PRODUCERS | Felina Films, Films Grand Huit (Disco Boy, Ghost Trail), Inercia Películas, Ganas Producciones

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN | Colombia | France

LANGUAGE | Spanish

DELIVERY | Q3 2024

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