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MIKADO (2024)

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Mikado & Laetitia fled their past with their children Nuage (13) and Zephir (7) with one single goal: not to be separated from them.

These kids are like no other, they are home-schooled and their home is a van. One day, while helping Vincent whose car broke down, their own van breaks. A part has to be replaced and won’t be delivered for another 3 weeks, during which they’ll camp in Vincent’s garden. But 3 weeks in the same place is enough to give the family a taste of a normal life. Nuage is getting closer to Vincent’s daughter, Laetitia seems to enjoy the comfort of a real home and Mikado feels the trap closing in on them...

STATUT | In Post Production

GENRE | Drama, comedy

DIRECTOR | Baya Kasmi (The (in)famous Youssef Salem, I’m All Yours)

WRITERS | Olivier Adam, Baya Kasmi

CAST l Ramzy Bedia (Don’t Die Too Hard!, Lost Bullet, The (in)famous Youssef Salem)
Felix Moati (No Man’s Land, Two Mothers)
Vimala Pons (The (in)famous Youssef Salem, I’m All Yours)

PRODUCERS | Karé Productions (The President’s Wife)
Films Grand Huit (Disco Boy)



DELIVERY | Q2 2024

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